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So You Are Relocating to Michigan – 8 Things, You Should Know

Seeing as Michigan is located in the Great Lakes Region, the state has much outstanding beautiful scenery. But its cities also have much to offer. Furthermore, Michigan is very affordable compared to many other U.S. states, so it’s no wonder many people move to the Great Lakes State yearly. But, if you’re considering relocating to Michigan, you’ll first want to know the following eight things.

Michigan Is Made Up of Two Distinct Areas

Mackinac Bridge - Relocating to Michigan
Mackinac Bridge joins the Upper and Lower Penninsulas

Michigan consists of two peninsulas. The Upper Peninsula is famous for its natural beauty, so if you enjoy the Great Outdoors and viewing incredibly scenic landscapes, there’s plenty to explore and discover in the upper part of the state.

But the Lower Peninsula, home to famous cities like Detroit and Ann Arbor, is where you’ll want to look at moving to.

Winters Are Cold in Michigan

You should be prepared for long and cold winters when relocating to Michigan. Temperatures often drop below freezing. However, the state’s summers are warm and sunny, even if they are short-lived.

Also, be aware that several tornadoes hit the state of Michigan each year. As long as you enjoy four-season weather, Michigan can be a great place to live.

Michigan’s Job Market Is Booming

In many industries and sectors, the job market is booming in Michigan. So, if you’re looking for new job opportunities when you move to the state, you’ll have more options than in many other states. Michigan’s economy is predominantly based on agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The Cost of Living Is Affordable in Michigan

One of the best things about living in Michigan is its low cost of living. In fact, the cost of living is estimated to be ten times lower than the national average. In addition, transportation, groceries, utilities, and healthcare costs are much lower than in Michigan’s neighboring states.

Michigan Homes Are Affordable

The price of properties in Michigan is also much more affordable than in many other states. Though, because news of the state’s home affordability has made headlines recently, prices are starting to rise as more and more people move to Michigan.

But the property prices are much more affordable than in many other states, so now is a good time to move to the so-called Wolverine State.

Check out this guide if you’re looking to buy your first house. You can learn how to evaluate when it’s the right time to buy a home, how to get started with the home-buying process, and how to find the right mortgage lender.

Michigan Has Beaches!

As Michigan isn’t on the coast, you might not realize the state has many sandy beaches. They’re located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and some smaller lakes.

Sports Are Big in Michigan

Michigan has some fantastic venues if you enjoy playing and watching sports. And Michiganians have a strong sports culture, so they love attending games by significant leagues state teams like the Detroit Tigers, the Detroit Red Wings, and the Detroit Lions.

If you love sports like baseball, basketball, and hockey, you’ll love living in Michigan, especially in or near Detroit. 

Michigan Is Home to Some Wonderful Restaurants and Bars 

The food-and-beverage industry thrives in Michigan, so if you like dining out or relaxing at bars, Michigan has you covered.

You could visit places like Baker’s Keyboard Lounge and Cheli’s Chili Bar in Detroit, Gipper’s Sports Bar and The Chop House in Grand Rapids, or The Raven’s Club and Good Time Charleys in Ann Arbor, to name just a few great options.

Video: The TOP 5 reasons to move TO Michigan

The TOP 5 reasons to move TO Michigan

FAQs on Moving to Michigan

Are winters really that cold in Michigan?

Yes, winters in Michigan can be quite harsh, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. However, the state’s summers are warm and sunny, making it an attractive place to live year-round.

Is it affordable to live in Michigan?

Yes, Michigan’s low cost of living makes it a popular choice for those looking to relocate. Housing, transportation, and other living expenses are much more affordable than in many other states.

What’s the job market like in Michigan?

Michigan’s economy is based on agriculture, manufacturing, and healthcare, and the state’s job market is currently booming. Job seekers will find plenty of opportunities across various industries and sectors.

Final Thoughts About Relocating to Michigan

Moving to Michigan can be an exciting and fulfilling experience. Michigan has a lot to offer from its stunning natural beauty to its booming job market and low cost of living. Whether you’re relocating for work or simply seeking a change of scenery, this state has something for everyone. With all the essential facts in mind, you’re ready to take the leap and make Michigan your new home.

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