Sustainable Construction and Smart Cities Opportunities in Michigan

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Michigan cities are taking an active approach to this growing problem through their construction and city infrastructure. There are various projects and initiatives underway that are designed to meet the construction needs of the public while also prioritizing sustainable methods. This is a prime example of how governments around the world should approach the challenges of oncoming climate change.

Why Sustainable Waste Management Is So Important And How You Can Start Doing It


When you hear the term “sustainable”, you are probably already getting a rough idea of what green waste management practices are. In simple terms, sustainability is the theory that dictates that the Earth possesses finite resources, meaning that raw materials should be used wisely. Consumption should center on diminishing the number of crude materials used in the production as well, as these are likely to come with a larger carbon footprint during manufacturing. 

The End of the 3,000 Mile Beer?

For Environmental Sustainability

Brew Local to Be Sustainable With energy resources becoming the global concern that it is, will beer disappear? First I will answer that with a NO. However, it will be more likely that the beer I drink maybe a homebrew as opposed to a Molson, Coors, or PBR. I give you this scenario for globalized … Read more