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Wind Issue is a Costly Affair for the Taxpayers

The following was an opinion letter from Robert and Arlene Schipinski  of Filion and published by the Huron Daily Tribune. The cost of self zoning efforts of several townships brings to light an important topic of high taxation for non-homestead owners of farmland and shore line cottages coupled with the frustrating inabilty to have a say on community affairs from which they are taxed.

To the editor:

Foster Swift attorneys have been representing the pro-wind in Marion Township and anti-wind in Lincoln Township. It is unethical of them to be representing both sides. They are fleecing the townships and laughing all the way to the bank. Is Lincoln Township going to be bankrupted by the board bleeding the general fund with Mike Homier’s legal fees? At approximately $2,500 to $3,500 per appearance, it adds up fast.

Township boards are not answering the questions from the public. Landowners who don’t live in the township, but have to pay taxes here, have absolutely no voice. They cannot vote on an issue pertaining to their land. This is “taxation without representation.” Landowners are being denied income from their land. In the near future if the state mandates that 30 to 35 percent of the energy come from renewable resources, farmers and landowners may not have input in wind turbine placement and may not be compensated for them.

Both sides of wind energy are frustrated with the inconsistency of the Huron County Board of Commissioners. Instead of using the processes that have been approved, they are flip-flopping their positions and adding new requirements at every chance. They are creating exclusionary and spot zoning.

John Nugent votes to pass the Lincoln overlay at the planning commission level then says it is not in compliance at the board of commissioners level. David G. Peruski helped for two years write the overlay and wind ordinances at the planning commission level but now votes for stricter standards on just wind energy. Wruble is creating the same fiasco as is in Meade Township with his five-year wind moratorium. Green energy is the future and the Board of Commissioners and the Lincoln Township Board are wasting a lot of the taxpayer’s money with their unlawful tactics.

Robert and Arlene Schipinski



Wind Turbine Predictons for Huron County Michigan Made in 2011 Prove True Today

BladeBack when I first started this blog about three years ago I did the the 2011-2012 Thumb Wind Survey. I predicted a total of 466 turbines in the thumb by 2017.

Today (October 10, 2013) the Huron Daily Tribune reported that ” “By sometime next year, we should have 328 wind turbines in Huron County because of what has been approved and what is under construction, Ninety-eight turbines are currently under construction.”

Needless-to-say this is well beyond our expectation in 2011 of the projected turbines built and in place by 2017. Thumbwind.com will be consolidating its  tracking of projects during the winter and projecting a 2014-2020 projection by January 2014.

Big Shake Up in Lake Township Post Election

HallLake Township in Huron County Michigan has made headlines for years has the tinder box for progressive vs. conservative politics in Michigan. Reporter Nch Wolak details the event following the recent election at:

Huron Daily Tribune > News > Local News.

DTE to Close Harbor Beach Power Plant – Cite Thumb Loop and Pollution Rules

DTE officials announced on that it plans to suspend operations at the Harbor Beach as soon as August 2013.

The Huron Daily Tribune (http://bit.ly/LcT8Fv  ) in Bad Axe says the decision results from federal emission standards that take  effect in 2015. Russ Pogats is director of DTE Energy’s northern power plants. He says the  company is evaluating its facilities that burn fossil fuels as it decides how to  comply with regulations dealing with mercury and other toxins emitted by  air. DTE Energy had to re-evaluate every one of its fossil-fueled plants to determine where it needs to make investments to comply with the new regulations, which are the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards and the Cross State Air Pollution Rule.

He says the Harbor Beach plant on Lake Huron at the tip of Michigan’s Thumb  region is a logical choice for closure. When built in 1968, it was needed to  provide voltage support because the area had no transmission system.  Transmission lines, called the Thumb Loop Project  are now under construction.

The future of the 85-acre parcel in Harbor Beach is unclear. Officials said DTE is working with local economic development officials to find a future use for the site. Once an alternative use for the site is identified, Pogats said the goal is to decommission the power plant as soon as possible.