Michigan Attractions – 7 Little-known and Uniquely Weird Michigan Tourist Traps

Paul Bunyan

Michigan is known for being full of many activities for tourists. We found some weird Michigan attractions that may raise eyebrows, they are weird in a good way.

If you plan or consider a trip to this state, researching things to do is essential. Here are seven unique Michigan attractions you can visit on your next visit to the Great Lakes state.

Summer Road Trips – 10 Magnificent Must-Hit Stops In Michigan

Summer Road Trips

Summer is just around the corner, bringing the scent of adventure and the possibility of summer road trips. Michigan is full of destinations for all seasons, the Great Lake state offering lots of fun and picturesque spots for a perfect summer road trip. So whether you are looking for an IG-worthy stopover, a great food trip—or beer or wine place—or fun and action-packed itinerary, here are ten stopovers you should check out for your Michigan summer road trip.