Port Austin Winter Carnival 2023

Port Austin Winter Carnival 2023

The winters of the early 1970s were long, cold, and snowy. At the annual Port Austin winter carnival, this was the spot to gather a team and play broomball. Families could make snowmen and drink hot chocolate. Back in the day, the festival was massive, complete with parades and the coronation of the Winter Carnival … Read more

Study Finds High Levels of Forever Chemicals In Popular Great Lakes Sports Fish

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Michigan – A shocking new study by the Environmental Working Group says that perfluorinated chemicals like PFAS and PFOS, (aka forever chemicals) are found in the freshwater fish that many sports fishermen the the Great Lakes region catch and eat. According to new research, eating even one serving of freshwater fish a year may be … Read more

Michigan DNR Reveals New ‘free snowmobiling weekend’ In 2023

Free Snowmobiling Weekend

Next month, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources will launch its free snowmobiling weekend, allowing users to use their vehicles for two days without registering them or obtaining a trail permit. The dates for the free snowmobiling weekend are February. 11–12, 2023. The Michigan Legislature approved bills requiring the DNR to offer the weekend, arguing … Read more