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Charity Island, sometimes called by locals as Big Charity Island, is the largest island in Saginaw Bay guarding the entrance of the bay from Lake Huron. The island is 222 acres and has about 3 miles of shoreline.

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The History of the Mysterious and Remote Charity Island

This history of Charity Island spans 100’s of years. Today the island is a wildlife sanctuary and visited by few people each year.

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Charity Island – Travel to a Saginaw Bay Oasis

Capt Tom Carriveau started as a scuba diver seeking adventure in the Great Lakes and Florida. Soon he was a professional captain plying the waters of Lake Huron and the Everglades. Here is his story.

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Five Amazing Great Lakes Islands to Explore

The Great Lakes contain over 35,000 islands, and many of them are uninhabited. However, a select few draw sailors and visitors from all over North America during the brief summer tourist season. Here are five of our favorite islands on the Great Lakes. Island-Hopping on the Great Lakes When you...

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The Travels of Henry Schoolcraft to Charity Island 1820

1820 Exploration of Saginaw Bay Michigan I learned about Henry Rowe Schoolcraft while still in grade school. I don’t remember the details but there may have been a children story involved. I found it hard to imagine that Michigan could be so wild and untouched. Henry Schoolcraft lived from 1793...

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