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Ora Labora Part II 0

Ora Labora 1863 – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Two

Part II of the Ora Labora story outlines the summer of 1863. Building is rapid and progress exciting in Michigan’s north. But the looming effect of the Civil War is about to impact this fledgling German religious colony’s effort to bring their culture and traditions to the Great Lakes wilderness.

Ora Labora Part Three 0

Ora Labora – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Three

Part III of the Ora Labora story brings us to 1864. The rapid growth of the colony was costly and the society needs funds to grow. It was time for drastic measures. The raging war in the south was turning in the North’s favor and the colony was on borrowed time until the draft took effect.

Ora Labora Part Four 0

Ora Labora – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Four

Part IV of the Ora Labora starts during Christmas 1864. The Colonies funds and provisions are low and its leader Emil Baur is begging his benefactors for loans to make it through the winter. With the war in its closing days the colonist are hopeful that a risky new venture will be profitable.

Ora Labora Michigan

The Stories from Ora Labora 1862 – 1898

The Letters from Ora Labora 1862 – 1898. Offers a glimpse of the challenges of being a religious pioneer in Michigan’s Wilderness

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