48 Huron County Businesses Received Paycheck Protection Program Loans

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48 Huron County businesses that received PPP loans noted a total of 2,137 retained employees in the loan application. It’s estimated that between $16.2 to $36.6 million in PPP loans were made to businesses utilizing this program in the Upper Thumb.

Where in the Heck is Kilmanagh?


The restoration efforts of the Kilmanagh are showing great signs of progress. When this post was first published many feared that the iconic general store was going to fall in. The store and the little town surrounding it were still life subjects for artists. One model maker from Germany made a scale model of the … Read more Where in the Heck is Kilmanagh?

The Pier Based Coast Guard Harbor Beach Station

Coast Guard Station Sand Beach c1920

An Iconic Coast Guard Station Torn Down in 2004 The original Coast Guard Station was a pier station built on the Jenk’s company dock in 1910 and incorporated a 50-foot lookout tower. The station seen in this picture was built on a concrete foundation 300 yards offshore in 1935. During World War II, the Harbor … Read more The Pier Based Coast Guard Harbor Beach Station