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Michigan Competitive in Wind Production, But Future Limited

Over the past twenty years, the Great Lakes region has been steadily increasing the number of in new wind projects and wind energy output. Now that pace looks to have slowed with more local communities placing acting tighter zoning control over industrial wind development.  However...

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DTE Energy on Wind Turbine Taxes – “Appeal Each One!”

DTE Appeals Taxes for Wind Turbines in 2016 “There’s an Appeal for Every Turbine”  That’s the statement made to the Huron Daily Tribune from Scott Simons, of DTE Energy Media Relations. DTE Energy has filed more than 60 appeals for wind turbines in the Michigan...

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Wind Farm Secessionists

This post was published in May 2012 at the height of new zoning in Lake Township. While the split did not occur, it denotes the deep wounds that wind development can incur on a community. Huron County, Michigan – Twenty-one large landowners, unhappy with the outcome...

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Did Koch Brothers Influence Wind Energy Policy In Huron County Michigan?

Ed Note: This post was first published in 2015 and generated a lot of controversy.  In 2017, we took the post down as the information was becoming dated. However, we are still getting inquiries about the possibility of outside funding supporting anti-wind efforts. We decided to repost...

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