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Prepare Perfect Walleye 0

How to Make Perfectly Prepared Walleye

Preparing perfectly cooked walleye for a Michigan summer meal easy and delicious. Here are step by step technique to impress your guests.

Sebewaing Fishtown 0

Chilly Sebewaing Fishtown 1878

An amazing article from 1878 describing a fishtown on the ice near Sebewaing.


Cash for Eliminating Asian Carp

A Bounty For Asian Carp In an earlier post, “It’s Time to Consider a Bounty on Asian Carp” we advocate exploring a bounty program to help curb or control this invasive species until a long term solution can be developed. However it’s entirely within the...

Bay Port Fish Company 3

Bay Port Fish Company Reigns Over Saginaw Bay

Bay Port Fish Company has been a commercial fishery in Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay since 1895.

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