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Thumbwind’s 2011 Wind Farm Predictions for Huron County Proved True

BladeBack when Thumbwind was launched about six years ago we undertook the the the 2011-2012 Thumb Wind Survey. It was one of the most viewed articles we posted in the early days. We predicted a total of 466 turbines in the thumb by 2017.

As of March 2017 the Huron Daily Tribune reported 473 wind turbines operational in Huron County.  ThumbWind’s popular Wind Farm Map serves to track wind farms being planned or in operation throughout Michigan. We also added Wind Farm Accidents to our page.

Needless-to-say this is well beyond our expectations in 2011. The recent moratorium of new wind farms  has halted several large projects in Huron County but  projects in Tuscola and Sanilac continue to proceed. Development of new wind farms has turned to Mid-Michigan as of the projects are being proposed in Isabella County.

Thumbwind.com will be consolidating its  tracking of projects this Fall and projecting a 2018-2020 projection by January 2018.


Update: Why Pursue Wind Energy Now

There is no question that technologies such as wind turbines are less efficient than continuing to use fossil fuel. So why are we investing so much in renewable in terms of tax breaks and legislation? This video presents a non political outline of the situation that  planet finds itself in. It does not offer any solutions. This was first posted on Thumbwind in 2012. Three years later it resonates even more.

Some may consider it propaganda while others consider it prophetic. It’s required viewing in several classes in colleges throughout Michigan.

Wind Turbine Predictons for Huron County Michigan Made in 2011 Prove True Today

BladeBack when I first started this blog about three years ago I did the the 2011-2012 Thumb Wind Survey. I predicted a total of 466 turbines in the thumb by 2017.

Today (October 10, 2013) the Huron Daily Tribune reported that ” “By sometime next year, we should have 328 wind turbines in Huron County because of what has been approved and what is under construction, Ninety-eight turbines are currently under construction.”

Needless-to-say this is well beyond our expectation in 2011 of the projected turbines built and in place by 2017. Thumbwind.com will be consolidating its  tracking of projects during the winter and projecting a 2014-2020 projection by January 2014.

Yvonne Bushey Appointed Interim Supervisor for Lake Township

Lake Township, Huron County, Michigan – Ms. Yvonne Bushey was selected as temporary supervisor of Lake township during a packed session at the township hall Monday evening.  Ms. Bushey was among nine nominated candidates looking to fulfill the supervisor vacancy left when Robert T. Smith passed away in June. After two failed nomination motions the four member board voted 3-1 to appoint Bushey on the third round. The township board did not interview any of the candidates prior to the selection. Public comments questioned Yvonne Bushey’s loyalty to Lake Township, since she recently tried to cede her land to adjoining Chandler Township in order to develop wind turbine leases. It is anticipated that Ms.Bushey will file her candidacy for Supervisor as an Independent in the November election.

This latest political drama occurs on the heels of an attempt by 20 landowners of Lake Township holding wind turbine lease agreements to secede from the community. The group approached wind development friendly Chandler Township. However the Chandler board rebuffed the group by voting down their proposal unanimously.