Road Trip To Texas – One Frugal Snowbird’s 3-Day Itinerary With Drury Inn & Suites

Road Trip To Texas

If you are retired, spend time between the south during winter and at a northern cottage or cabin each summer; you’re a snowbird. But, of course, a snowbird’s favorite activity is taking a morning coffee out by the pool while your friends up north are shoveling out from the last lake-effect snowstorm. 

Deadly Chronic Wasting Disease Fears Force Minnesota To Ban Farmed Deer Transport

Whitetail Deer

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has issued an emergency rule prohibiting the importation and movement of farmed white-tailed deer into and within Minnesota due to the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease from a Wisconsin deer farm. This emergency action, which goes into effect today (October 11, 2021), intends to minimize the spread of … Read more