Caseville Chamber: Absolutely No Cheeseburger Festival This Year

Parade of Fools

Caseville Chamber of Commerce reminded fans that due to the COVID-19 pandemic that will be no Cheeseburger Festival of any size occurring this year.


Glamping Comes to Michigan’s Upper Thumb

Safari Tent at Sleeper State Park

Glamping is defined as a combination of the words glamor and camping. This high amenity approach to rustic camping has been growing in recent years. It can be found at some of the most desirous camping spots in the world. Now Michigan Glamping has come to Caseville at Sleeper State Park. While researching the 7 … Read more Glamping Comes to Michigan’s Upper Thumb

Where in the Heck is Kilmanagh?


The restoration efforts of the Kilmanagh are showing great signs of progress. When this post was first published many feared that the iconic general store was going to fall in. The store and the little town surrounding it were still life subjects for artists. One model maker from Germany made a scale model of the … Read more Where in the Heck is Kilmanagh?