8 Michigan Winter Activities For Beating Cabin Fever in the Great Lakes Region – 2023

Michigan Winter Ann Arbor

The Great Lakes region may be frozen during the winter, but this opens up many opportunities. You can take hikes in your snowshoes or follow a cross-country ski trail. Climb on board a snowmobile for a tour or relax in an indoor waterpark’s lazy river. Whatever you need from your winter vacation, the Great Lakes have something to offer, with incredible views to enjoy along the way.

Sustainable Protein: 5 Ways How Soy Products Are The Best Source

Soy Plants

Sustainable living refers to the activities that help meet the present needs of resources without compromising on the share of future generations. It involves thoughtfully utilizing your resources to prevent over-consumption.   One such dietary source that requires sustainable usage is proteins. It is due to their impact on the environment in the form of carbon … Read more