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Channel Buoy Aground at Caseville Harbor 0

Will El Niño Drop Great Lakes Water Levels?

A Warmer Winter Ahead? El Nino is expected to develop in the next two months and continue through winter.  The stronger the El Nino is, the higher the potential impact on Michigan’s winter. When the ocean temperature on surface waters...

Great Lakes Cruising 0

Take a Great Lakes Cruise This Summer

Cruising the Great Lakes has never been more elegant adventurous on the 105-stateroom ships of the Victory I & II


Great Lakes Cruising Summer 2015

The Great Lakes Cruise Company announced that starting summer of 2015 that the 105-stateroom ship M.S. Saint Laurent will begin a full itinerary of sailing adventures along the highlighted larger ports of the Great Lakes.

The Sanctuary 2

New Marine Sanctuary Possible in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Sanctuary Soon Congress may be considering adding a second underwater marine sanctuary in the Great Lakes. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, NOAA,  confirmed that the Lake Michigan waters off Wisconsin are being considered for the newest preserve...

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