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Huron County Lighthouse Tour

I stumbled upon these videos a couple of years ago and was impressed with their high quality production. However I don’t think they were well promoted as they only have a about 1,500 views.

The videos were apparently part of a promotional campaign called LIVEHuron produced  by Huron County Economic Development Corporation. If this is a promotional campaign then its current status is “SECRET”. Anyway the videos are excellent.  Worth a look. If you think this is pretty good stuff please Like and Share.



Best of the Upper Thumb

For well over five decades the Upper Thumb has been deemed the “Closer Up North” for the Southeast Michigan and Detroit area.  Sandy beaches, great fishing, parks and some of the friendliest proprietors around, Huron County is a great place to steal a weekend away from the “burbs” of Detroit without busting your wallet.  In less than a two hour drive you can be at the tip of the Thumb and sinking your toes into the sugar sand of Saginaw Bay. It’s family friendly unpretentious and considered by many to be an undiscovered Michigan destination.

There are many events throughout the year but the highlight festival of the summer is Cheeseburger in Caseville held in August. When it was first held in 1999 it was purely a local affair attended by only 5,000 locals. Now the event is considered the largest civic festival event in Michigan with over 100,000 visitors during  the 10 day event. Caseville becomes Key North during the event. Bring your Conch Republic passport for diplomatic treatment.

ThumbWind presents the “inside scoop” from locals and those who live here and wish our visitors to have a great time. A new page has been added Best of the Upper Thumb. This local information offers a collection of the “Best Of” for the  all the festivals and unique sites the Upper Thumb has to offer including Caseville’s Cheeseburger festival . This stuff just scratches the surface for a unique trip of fun and adventure.

Best of RibStock in Caseville. Last weekend of JuneRibstock is considered the warm up act for the big August festival. However this celebration of BBQ and country music is quickly becoming a favorite early summer event.

Best Place to Talk Politics During Cheesburger’s “Parade of Fools” This is the largest event of the festival. It’s also a great chance to meet and great local and national politicians who find their way into Caseville.

Best Gourmet Grocery to Create Your Own Cheeseburger There are dozens of local restaurants and charity’s who set up for the 10 day event. You may want to make your own. Here is the best place to get all the fixens for your own cheeseburger in paradise.

Best Taste of the Florida Keys in the Upper Thumb – Want to experience a bit of the Keys cuisine without the 1,500 mile car trip and all the bridge hopping? There are many roadside inns along M-53 that can go toe-to-toe with those on A-1-A. The only thing missing is the conch chowder.  Here is a stand out.

Best Bar Cheeseburger in the ThumbBar burgers are fun. However you may actually have to leave Caseville to find the best bar cheeseburger in the Thumb.

Best Place to Camp Next to the BeachThe Upper Thumb is a camper nirvana. However there is only one area where you can literally camp steps away on the beach. Find out where.

Best Things to do When Your Bored of Cheeseburger – Ten days of luau shirts, Margareta’s and cheeseburgers sounds like a lot of fun but for kids it can be too much. If you want to step away from the crowds there is plenty to see and do. Check out the suggestions.

Best Stroll During the Festival – See the odd sights and unique sounds and atmosphere found only on the water.

Ora Labora Grave Old Bay Port Cemetery AngelBest Place to Get Totally Scared – The Upper Thumb has been home to native and American settlers for over a millenia. The paranormal activity in one nearby town has been the subject of books, movies and TV shows. You can even stay in a famously haunted inn overnight if you dare.

The Best Place to Dance Polka – If your around after Labor Day the upper thumb has a polka festival that is one of the Great Lakes best.


Wind Turbine Remorse

Huron County Michigan Looks for Ways to Cap Growth of Wind Energy Development.

Life here is ‘living nightmare’

Michigan Wind Farm
Michigan Wind Farm

This was the headline that greeted Huron Daily Tribune news readers in early March. Residents are becoming  dismayed over the number and affect that 100’s of wind turbines have had in the tip of the Thumb. Residents are voicing increasing concerns about the 328 turbines now in place. Margo Barry who lives in Oliver Township noted that “… pristine farm fields are gone, and in place is a blight of huge white towers and spinning blades, and our quality of life has been taken away, replaced with a pollution of never-ending noise, shadow flicker, red blinking lights and health issues for many.”

Beyond the aesthetics there are new safety concerns. In February a 160-foot, 7-ton turbinewind turbine blade broke during high winds, leaving it dangling and wrapped around the tower. A few days later a 425 foot turbine collapsed in Oliver Township during a snow storm. The owner, Exelon Wind Generation noted it was only the second failure of this kind of turbine over a total global installed base of 7,000 units. The 485,000 pound turbine fell while in an idle state in the early morning hours of February 25th. No one was injured.

Development continues of adding up to 140 turbines in the county over the next 18 months. An attorney representing Huron County has begun the investigation of limiting the number of turbines. Also in the Thumb, three Sanilac County townships recently approved a moratorium or rejected wind energy ordinances. A fourth, Bridgehampton Township, is exploring a moratorium.

Current Wind Energy Projects Planned in 2016
30 turbines in Winsor and McKinley townships
72 turbines in Dwight, Lincoln and Huron townships.
10 turbines in Rubicon Township
30 turbines in Oliver, Chandler and Colfax townships.

2013 Low Lake Levels Could Cost Huron Marinas $1m in Lost Revenue


The impact of low lake levels on marina owners across Huron County could translate into lost revenue approaching $1 million in 2013. With over 1000 slips available on the Huron shoreline from Sebewaing to Harbor Beach there is significant questions if larger boats will be able to access these marinas and harbors. Sailboats and watercraft with a waterline length above 25 feet typically have larger below water line draft. Sailboats in this range typically range from four to eight feet of draft and require deeper water in order to maneuver.

Real Dollars at Stake

An analysis was conducted of the direct impact to Huron County marinas and harbors if water levels prevent these larger boats from  being able to be placed into a slip and if large transient boaters are unable to come into harbors. This problem is particularly acute at Caseville, Bay Port  and Port Austin. If 30% of the seasonal boaters are unable to get into their slip, direct losses could approach $600,000 in 2013. Couple this with the inability for transient boater to come into port during the season that the amount soars close to $1,000,000.

This loss is only for slip fees. Loses would also be felt in fuel, food, hardware, restaurants and other opportunities that the local community typically fills.

Low Water in Caseville Caseville Harbor Low Water Caseville Harbor Low Water 2012 Low Water Levels at DocK Sailboats on Cradles