Outside Lab Vindicates Vintage Corelle Dishes – Determines Dishware Is OK For Everyday use

Vintage Corelle Dishes

Last May, I was reading a site from Lead Safe Mama that indicated that all of the vintage Corelle dishes that we had picked up from friends, relatives, and thrift stores through the years contain lead in the decretive pattern on the outside of each dish. Until now, there were no lab tests on vintage … Read more

We Used This Vintage Pyrex 1.5 Quart Ovenware For 20 Years – Found Its Legendary Pattern is 11% Lead

Vintage Pyrex

This vintage Pyrex glass ovenware has been used for over 20 years. I think we acquired it in a thrift store in town after we bought our place in Caseville. It’s a perfect size cleans up easily and is practically indestructible. The green flower pattern held up well but looks a little worn and faded. 

The dish pattern Vintage Pyrex “Spring Blossom Green” pattern casserole has lead levels registering at  110,000 parts per million.

Corelle Agrees to Start Testing Pre-2000 Vintage Dishes in Response to New Hampshire Lead Warning


After years of testing conducted by Lead Safe Mama on the high lead levels in vintage Corelle dishes and cookware, the company now holding reign on this vintage brand, Instant Brands, indicated that it will begin a testing program on their “pre-2000 Corelle products”