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Federal government pushes back decision on proposed nuclear-waste bunker near Lake Huron — Global News

Looks like we will have to continue to follow this  issue through August. The proposed site is just across Lake Huron from Harbor Beach. Too close and right on the shore. This is a shared repost.

The federal government has punted a decision on whether to allow a proposed underground storage bunker to house nuclear waste near Lake Huron well into next summer.

via Federal government pushes back decision on proposed nuclear-waste bunker near Lake Huron — Global News


Pressure Grows to Stop Nuclear Dump in Canada

An Ontario Lobby Group is hopeful the incoming Liberal Government will live up to a promise to protect the environment, and put a stop to plans to bury nuclear waste a kilometre from Lake Huron at Bruce Power.

Beverly Fernandez of the Group “Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump” says 40-million people rely on the great lakes for drinking water.

She says so far, the world’s nuclear waste burial sites have a 100 per cent failure rate.

From Blackburn News – Editor – Midwestern Ontario Email Janice MacKay

NMU Student Study Shows Michigan’s Proposal 3 May Lead to Deforestation

(Developing) Marquette Michigan –  Northern Michigan University undergrad students doing research on the net effects of Michigan’s Proposal 3, up for vote during the 2012 election, found some surprising effects. The Proposal tagged “25% by ’25” has aggressive targets for renewable and bio-fuel production in Michigan. In order to achieve these targets the raw material required may exceed the current supply of bio-fuel producing resources such as waste materials, agricultural field cuttings and debris generated from logging. The net effect would be to turn to forest products particularly Aspen which is common in Michigan and quickly matures. However the available raw forest materials are estimated to be quickly depleted as the consumption of fuel is anticipated to grow through the next decade. Students note that many forestry operators may refuse to participate as it would deplete long term supply of higher grade timber and wood pulp product which is at a premium.

Home Wind Turbines in the Thumb

There is high potential that the upper thumb will start seeing more users of small scale virtual wind turbines in use for farms, homes and cottages. In Canada, neighbors are upset with planned wind turbine for a new home.

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