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2012 Great Lake Water Levels Drop – Marina’s Scramble

Five years ago the entire Great Lakes was witness to low water levels not seen since 1964. Marina’s were dredging, boats were being damaged on shallow reefs not seen a generation and lake shipping was facing hard times.  

2014 Great Lakes Ice Coverage Was Earliest On Record 1

2014 Great Lakes Ice Coverage Was Earliest On Record

Satellite image shows ice formation occurring on Saginaw Bay. This is on the western edge of Michigan’s thumb between Sebewaing and Port Austin. Thus the outlook for another winter similar to 2013-14 looks promising. This could result in higher lake levels and less evaporation as the ice covers and protects the lakes. It also means a potential for more sun shine and bitter cold this winter.

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Climate Change, Technology and the Loss of Civility

December Mowing in Michigan It was December 1st 2012 and I was listening to no less than three lawn mowers running in my neighborhood in the suburbs north of Detroit. I refused to participate. I’ll admit it was tempting to neaten things up a bit but somehow the idea of running...

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Great Lakes Water Levels Had Near Record Lows in 2012

All of the Great Lakes fell below their long-term averages and lower than in 2011 because of an abnormal lack of snow in recent winters and the hot, dry summer

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