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10 Free Things to do in Michigan’s Thumb

If you are ever at a loss for things to do in the Upper Thumb, you found the right spot. We went looking for neat and interesting things to do and came up with this list of 10 free things to do in Michigan’s Thumb. Check back with us from...

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Ora Labora 1863 – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Two

Part II of the Ora Labora story outlines the summer of 1863. Building is rapid and progress exciting in Michigan’s north. But the looming effect of the Civil War is about to impact this fledgling German religious colony’s effort to bring their culture and traditions to the Great Lakes wilderness.

Bay Port Fish Sandwich 5

Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival

The Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival is the granddaddy of them all. Since 1978 folks come in and lined up for a fish sandwich that “takes two hands to hold one.

Ora Labora Michigan

The Stories from Ora Labora 1862 – 1898

The Letters from Ora Labora 1862 – 1898. Offers a glimpse of the challenges of being a religious pioneer in Michigan’s Wilderness

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