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CNN – Huron’s Turnip Rock An “Amazing Formation in America”

Cable News Network, CNN, has declared Huron County’s Turnip Rock one of America’s most amazing, or weird, rock formations. Located on private property and accessible only by canoe or kayak explorers to the site are treated to an amazing limestone formation just off the beach.  The formation has been described as:

This enormous rock received its turnip connotation from thousands of years of erosion from storm waves. Now, it is an island with a few trees and little other vegetation. The land nearby is all privately owned, so the only way to view it is by waterway or trekking across a frozen Lake Huron in the winter. It is quite the comedic, awe-inspiring landmark, located at the tip of Michigan’s thumb.” – Michigan.org

See the story at CNN America’s weird and amazing rock formations



Port Austin Farmers Market

Huron County is at the the tip of Michigan’s “Thumb”. With over 90 miles of shoreline on the big lake and some of the richest farmland in the entire state. Each Saturday morning during the summer season Port Austin plays host to one of the largest regional open air markets in the Great Lakes.

The videos are part of a promotional campaign produced by Huron County Economic Development Corporation. They are short and highlight the best aspects of our wonderful area. Worth a look. If you think this is pretty good stuff please Like and Share.


Huron County Lighthouse Tour

I stumbled upon these videos a couple of years ago and was impressed with their high quality production. However I don’t think they were well promoted as they only have a about 1,500 views.

The videos were apparently part of a promotional campaign called LIVEHuron produced  by Huron County Economic Development Corporation. If this is a promotional campaign then its current status is “SECRET”. Anyway the videos are excellent.  Worth a look. If you think this is pretty good stuff please Like and Share.


Port Austin’s Cartwheel Inn


The Fireside Inn near Port Austin is our go-to place for large groups of people. With it’s fantastic pizza and large open space its perfect for a family party. A couple of years ago I came across these two black and white shots for the Cartwheel Inn outside of Port Austin. It’s obviously the same building. While the establishment has expanded, I find it amazing that much of the interior has remained the same.


In the 1950’s and 60’s the Cartwheel played host to graduation, social and wedding parties. There is a post card from 1962 that shows the Cartwheel Inn almost has it looks today. In the 1970’s local lore tells that the Cartwheel was a gathering spot during the biker days of the Upper Thumb. Top bands from Detroit area would play the venue. While none of the stories are as rough as the infamous Farmers Daughter at Oak Beach they still spoke of a wild time.

If you have a memory or story of the Cartwheel Inn please let us know the story.