Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf Under New Owners In 2022

Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf Waterfall

Jim and Beth Selke of Clarkston, Michigan, consulted with and guided their 25-year-old Son, Justin Selke, into his first business venture.  If the first season is any indication, this storied business was entrusted into good hands. The Selke family takes pride in taking over the reins of Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf, an iconic local mini-golf and dairy bar near Port Austin, Michigan.

Superman Ice Cream: 6 Crazy Questions About The History Of Michigan’s Favorite Frozen Treat

Superman Ice Cream

.Visit just about any ice cream parlor in Michigan, and you will find a strange mixture of blue, red, and yellow among the Moose Tracks, Rocky Road, Chocolate, and Vanilla. It’s the famous Superman Ice Cream that you heard about. It’s named after a well-known superhero that wears the three colors on his outfit. Local legend said that a brewery put the flavors together in Detroit during prohibition in the 1930s.