The Corner Drug & Jewelry Store Harbor Beach, Michigan

Tractor in Front of Harbor Beach Corner Drug and Jewelry Store

This interesting shot from Harbor Beach Michigan is estimated to be from about 1910. The picture was taken in front of the Corner Drug and Jewelry Store. It turns out that this store has been featured in many photographs and postcards over the years.

The Pier Based Coast Guard Harbor Beach Station

Coast Guard Station Sand Beach c1920

An Iconic Coast Guard Station Torn Down in 2004 The original Coast Guard Station was a pier station built on the Jenk’s company dock in 1910 and incorporated a 50-foot lookout tower. The station seen in this picture was built on a concrete foundation 300 yards offshore in 1935. During World War II, the Harbor … Read more The Pier Based Coast Guard Harbor Beach Station

The Legend of Whiskey Harbor During Michigan Prohibition

The LEGEND of Whiskey harbor

On the eastern edge of Michigan’s Thumb lies a lonely and very rocky cove on the shore of Lake Huron. The remote area sits on a layer of limestone that makes it hard to build on so it remains undeveloped to this day. It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful remote setting was the site for criminal activity during the time of Michigan Prohibition for over 12 years.