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Sebewaing-Cider-and-Jelly 2

Sebewaing Cider and Jelly Factory was a Treat

In the late 1800s families were setting up many businesses in Michigan’s Upper Thumb. We take a loot at one interesting enterprise in Sebewaing.

Sebewaing Fishtown 0

Chilly Sebewaing Fishtown 1878

An amazing article from 1878 describing a fishtown on the ice near Sebewaing.

Michigan Fall Color Tour 0

Michigan M-25 Fall Color Tour

Enjoy a day driving the longest scenic highway in Michigan on a Thumb Fall Color Tour.

Sebewaing coal mine 5

The Sebewaing Michigan Coal Mines

Sebewaing had coal mining operations up until the early 1900’s. Shows map of Thumb mines.

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