7 Gorgeous Michigan Day Trips By Train

It is well known that Michigan has some of the most beautiful autumn scenes in the country. A crisp Fall day on a Michigan train trip will generously treat you to a colorful fanfare of eggplant-purple, red, maroon, orange, yellow, and golden leaves that visually ignite the landscape. One of the best ways to enjoy … Read more

8 Haunted and Spooky Sites to Visit in Michigan’s Thumb

Haunted Michigan Thumb Sites

There are many areas in Michigan that are thought to be haunted. Michigan’s Thumb region is considered to have high paranormal activity and folks call spooky.

Some sites you can visit. Some you can view from afar. We found eight sites that are creepy enough to check out if you dare.

Just don’t trespass on private property.

Survive Winter Camping with a Snow Shelter

Winter Survival

A basic winter camping survival shelter can be made by hollowing out a big pile of snow that has been allowed to settle and harden.

They can take several hours to build, but are an effective way to stay warm when camping in the winter.

A quinzhee shelter is warmer than any four season tent.