Caseville Boaters Left High and Dry

New Caseville Marina Owners Will Not Store Boats this Winter

Hoys Marina CasevilleBoaters and sailors who traditionally store their boat at Caseville Marina in the winter are scrambling to find alternatives. Hoy’s Saginaw Bay Marina was sold this summer to Warren and Crystal Kappen. With 138 slips, it’s the largest marina in Caseville. The marina has two wells and hoists that can handle the take out of just about any craft that can get into the harbor. It was during recent inquiries about winter storage it was discovered that Kappen will begin seawall and grounds repairs in the marina this winter. Therefore no boatyard storage will be available.

Alternative Wintering Sites are not Close.

Bayshore Marina is the next closest marina with take-out and storage capability. Locatedbayshore marina on the south side of Sand Point on Wildfowl Bay it’s a little over 10 mile voyage to get to Bayshore Marina by going around Sand Point. Sailboaters have also traveled across Saginaw Bay to Au Gres Marine who offers a full range of services including winter haulout and storage.

Shocker – The Best Cheeseburger is NOT in Caseville!

shellysA couple of years ago our ThumbWind blog made a post that rattled the establishment in Caseville by stating that the best cheeseburger came from the Hitching Post in Elkton. At that that time the locally famous burger chef,  “Jewels” made a cheeseburger so famous that local golfers defected from golfing at Century Oaks (which was close to Hitching Post) to Scenic Golf Club when she started cooking and tending bar at Scenic. Those were gentler and tender times. We miss Jewels and wish her well.

This morning, after hitting the Farmers Market in Port Austin and White Church Gallery in IMG_0308[1]Grindstone we stopped by Shelly’s Bar. What a cool stop. Okay… I admit that the outside needs a bit more curb appeal. But stepping in to this roadside tavern you can tell the that the locals love this place. They had just finished a breakfast run and were shifting to lunch when we came in.

Clean, comfortable and friendly, are the first thoughts that came to mind as we settled in. Our sever came in within a minute and we ordered a ice cold Molson drafts. “So cold your teeth ached.”, one of us said. The highlights of the lunch was their wonderful “Turkey Reuben, while the sage diner among us ordered a cheeseburger medium with mustard and pickles.

IMG_0309[1]As we were leaving, our cheeseburger orderer flagged down our our server and asked to speak to the manger. Jackie came over and with a quized look ask if everything was OK. Our seasoned cheeseburger snob stated….”this is the best I’ve had all week, it’s excellent!” No small feat has this guy is a known as a regular at the world famous “Councils” in Bradenton, Florida.  Jackie was gracious and explained that they get a special grind from  McDonalds in Bad Axe. And that they searched several times before they settled in with this well known local grocer. She credited the team in the kitchen has were al the magic happens.

So we have a new Best Cheeseburger in Huron County tagged as coming from Shelly’s BarIMG_0311[1] in Grindstone City. Their ice cold beer and fresh cut fries round out a great experience. Its also evident that Shelly’s support local charities and sports teams around the Upper Thumb. ThumbWind will be back from time to time to ensure that they are the Best of the Upper Thumb.





14 Things to Do Around Caseville if Your Bored with the Cheeseburger Festival

The Cheeseburger in Caseville festival is a summer time fun filled family event with plenty to do and see. However there is only so much grass skirt, trinket stands and cheeseburgers that one can handle for the multi-weekend event. What else is there to do in the Upper Thumb? Here are some suggestions if you, or more likely the kids, have had enough fun with the parrot head life.

Caseville Giant Slide1. Giant Slide – Refurbished in 2015, Key North offers classic fun and great photo and video opportunities The whole family or group of friends can race down a huge multi-lane slide. Great for working off that extra cheeseburger and fries. Located on the south side of Caseville toward Bay Port.

2. Go Karts – The Upper Thumb now has two a full featured go-kart tracks. In  Port Austin. The track is large and its ideal for a tasting of real racing. As an adult you can take the little ones on a full throttle ride around a great winding track. Check out Family Go Karts in Port Austin south of town off of M-53. In Caseville, Key North Mini Golf and Family Fun Center sports the largest track in mid-Michigan. With 15 new karts and some two-seaters so mom or dad can drive the youngsters around that are too small to do it themselves.

3. Miniature Golf – There are numerous classic Putt-Putt and other family friendly courses in Port Austin, Caseville and Kinde. While the adults think of these as trite and insignificant, the kids will remember these little family jaunts for a lifetime. Take advantage of these roadside attractions before they disappear to X Box video games. The biggest of the miniture golf circuit is Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf. It’s short drive east of Caseville this modern course sports Huron County’s largest, (and only), waterfall in the Thumb.

Do you love Michigan’s Thumb? So do we. However we were frustrated on not seeing cool T-shirts that reflect our favorite spots. So we created ThumbWind-Mercantile. This on-line shop offers T’s unique to Michigan’s Thumb and can’t be found anywhere else. Check it out.

4. Giant Water Slide and Climbing Rock – Cool off going down a huge water jet slide or try your hand at climbing and repelling down a 25 foot alpine rock. Open seven Kinde Water Slidedays a week noon to 6pm. This adventure is located in Kinde. Kinde is south of Port Austin on M-53.

Bayport Fish Company5. Bayport Fish Company – Visit one of the few remaining operational commercial fish operations on the Great Lakes. Purchase fresh fish on-site and watch the operations. (Hope you like the smell of fish). If your in Caseville you can see their vessel Osprey tied up south of the break wall. Open seven days a week.

6. Port Austin Farmers Market – Open Saturday mornings during the summer season. Crafts, fresh locally produced fruits, fresh and smoked fish,vegetables, craft foods and flea market items.  Considered the largest open-air market in the Thumb. Port Austin

octagon barn7. Octagon Barn – The Thumb Octagon Barn Agricultural Museum is located in Tuscola County approximately 1 mile east of the Village of Gagetown along Bay City Forestville Road 1 mile north on Richie Road, just south of the Huron County border.

8. Huron City Museum –  See Huron County has it thrived in the late 1800’s. The House of House of seven gablesSeven Gables, a beautifully preserved Victorian home, sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Huron. The General Store, a Methodist church, an inn and barns were built during the 1880’s. With a post office, general store, a rooming house and mills, Huron City was well equipped to serve the northern county farmer. Huron City.

Huron County Nature Center9. Huron County Nature Center & Wilderness Arboretum – A 280 acre Nature Center established on a tract of untouched land in Hume Township, Michigan, the Huron County Nature Center and Wilderness Arboretum  has been under the tender care of the Huron County Women’s Clubs since 1941. Located halfway between Caseville and Port Austin across from Oak Beach.

10. Hit the Beach – There are numerous public beaches throughout Huron County in which to cool off, enjoy a picnic while the kids play iHuron County Beachesn the playground. Most beaches offer ample parking with some with picnic tables, restroom and changing areas and grills for making your own cheeseburger.

Caseville Musuem11. Caseville Museum – Located just one block from Main Street in Caseville you can see artifacts and local treasures from yesteryear. Special events are often held weekly and it offers a quick diversion from the crowds.

12. Rush Lake and Sand Road ORV – Located just south of Sleeper State Park this unimproved road runs from Caseville to Port Austin by way of various roads and trails. If you have a 4×4  and want to try your hand at light off-roading this is worth an hour of looking around the woods. Sand RoaRush lake caseilled is found about a mile south of the cross streets of M-23 and State Park Road. Be prepared. The road is sometimes impassable after rain and the sand can get deep. Only the most adventurous find the ancient and reedy Rush Lake. There are numerous hiking and biking paths. As most of this is on state land its best to have your State Park Passport and ORV sticker in case the DNR stops you.

13. Get Some Ice Cream – Escape the crazy crowds  for an hour and Bybak's Ice Creamexplore other side of the Thumb. In Grindstone Grindstone General StoreCity there are two renowned ice cream shops. The Grindstone General Store and Rybak’s Ice Cream Store. Grindstone General Store is known for its insanely large ice cream cones while Rybak’s is the place for high-end ice cream and homemade candy. Both are located in historic buildings from the 1800’s Rybak’s large front porch is an ideal place to chat with friends and reminisce about your Cheeseburger day.

14. Get Artsy – The  Upper Thumb now has two gallery’s, in Bad Axe the Lofty Roots Gallery white church galleryand Studio opened in 2015 with six local artists exhibiting. While in Grindstone City the White Church Gallery draws in artists from all over Michigan and Florida. Founded by Mike and Carrie Zaitz in a renovated 1800’s church.  Both gallery’s are excellent diversions from the Cheeseburger hangover.

Caseville Firefighters Grill For Charity

Each year the Caseville Fire Department puts an apron on to grill up some of the finest straight up cheeseburgers in town. On the first Saturday of Cheeseburger in Caseville festival the firehouse is opened up to the community and the grills are fired up. For a mere $5 you can have a 1/4 pound of deliciousness and savor it among hundreds of friends and supporters. Despite a bit of rain, the 2016 event was packed with patrons lined down the block.

Firehouse T-shirt sales are still going on across the street from the station. Each sale benefits community programs that the Fire Department supports across the Upper Thumb.


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