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Elkton, Michigan

The Best Burger In the Thumb

[Ed Note: This pub has not been visited in several years. I’m uncertain where Julz is these days. But the Hitching Post is an Oasis during the high crowds at Cheeseburger Festival]

I’m a cheeseburger hound. I’m one of those who never seem to turn down going to some pub to grab a cheeseburger and a beer. At my age, the waistline seems to have come more front and center. So I find myself getting more fussy about where I’m going to indulge in one of my favorite peasant foods.

You would think that the annual Cheeseburger festival in Caseville would turn out some of the finest burgers on bun concoctions in the area. However, the event has swelled to such a size that the rule is quantity, not quality and cook it until it resembles a hockey puck. I haven’t had a burger in Caseville in several years.

Hitching Post

When the party is in high gear during Cheeseburger festival in Caseville we find ourselves in the little town of Elkton about ten minutes away. There you will find the Hitching Post Inn. The Post is located in a historical hotel that was also once a church. (The stained glass still in place). This is a great Bar Burger joint. The owners are working to establish a solid business and have won over the locals. In 2011 they put in a new bar so updating is constant. This is a great place to come when the crowds in nearby Caseville get on your nerves.

Hitching Post Inn Elkton

It’s the best cheeseburger in the Thumb…period. Is it up with Michigan’s best? No. My designation of a great bar burger goes to the Shamrock in Utica Michigan.  However, the Hitching Post uses fresh local beef and all the staff pitch in and cook. Even the head bartender, Jelzs, can really cook up a bit of paradise on a bun.  The establishment has their own Facebook Page and a loyal group of subscribers. I’m one of them. Menu choice…Blue Cheese Burger.


Elkton Michigan

Elkton , Huron County: first known as Oliver Center, from its location in Oliver Township (named for pioneer settler John Oliver) when organized in 1877; the village was founded in 1886 by W. J. McGillivray, a blacksmith, who built the first house here; he named it to commemorate his killing a huge elk entangled in his wife’s clothesline; Simon Hoffman became the first postmaster on Nov. 24, 1886; a station on the Saginaw, Tuscola & Huron Railroad; incorporated as a village in 1897. Today Elkton is a vibrant agricultural community hosting many festivals throughout the year. Elkton sits in the middle of what is considered the Wind Energy capital of Michigan.


ThumbWind’s End-Of-Summer Bucket List

The calendar on your desk indicates that summer officially ends in about a week, but deep down you not quite ready to ditch the shorts and flip-flops for sweatshirts and football. It only really ends when you’ve done these 6 things in the Upper Thumb…

Philp County Park Beach

Take One More Dip in the Bay

The huge beach at Caseville County Park along with all the other county parks in Huron County drew the attention of USA Today. The sugar sand and shallow water of Saginaw Bay, (with little or no undertow), make for a great kid beach experience.  Caseville beach was rated the best beach on Michigan’s sunrise side. The Baywatch Cafe has great fries, as if you needed one more reason to go.


Take in a Movie In a Classic Small Town Theater

Certainly worth the drive from the beaches. The Bad Axe Theater offers two screens, wood floors and some of the best popcorn you will ever taste. Its great if your beach time is interrupted by rain or its too hot to stand an evening on the porch.

White Church Gallery

Grasp the Local Art at White Church Gallery

This place was the surprise of the 2015 summer season. It’s a rare event that I go away stunned by a new visit experience. However that’s what I felt after leaving White Church Gallery in Grindstone Michigan. Located in rural remoteness of an old church in what was the heart of a long abandoned 1800’s grindstone quarry operation, the owners Michael and Carrie Zaitz have created an artist oasis at the tip of the thumb.

Kims Creamy

Get an Ice Cream from the Heart of the Upper Thumb

The Upper Thumb has great choices for that scoop of brain freeze nirvana. Kim’s Creamery has been rated top of the class by the travel app Yelp. Its worth the drive to Elkton to get a taste. Kim Depner scoops plentiful helpings of ice cream with a different vintage apron every day at Kim’s Creamery.

Huron Nature Center

Get Lost in the Huron Nature Center

No, getting lost taking a shortcut through the park doesn’t count. Actually spending a few hours exploring the park’s forests, dunes and marches should definitely be on your end-of-summer to-do list. Yes, there’s no air conditioning — but there’s adventure, and that’s better than air conditioning.

Thumb Brewery

One Last Bar Hop in Caseville

With Cheeseburger Fest over many locals and cottage folk can emerge and reclaim the territory. Now is the time to check out Riverside, Dufty’s, The Boathouse and Thumb Brewery in peace. Why fit this in before the end of the summer? Because at Shanty Day’s, it’s a lot less fun to run from bar to bar.