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A group of five freshwater lakes of central North America between the United States and Canada, including Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. The Great Lakes connect Midwestern ports with the Atlantic Ocean via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Great Lake Beach Access Supreme Court 2

Supreme Court May Decide Access on Great Lakes Beaches

The U.S. Supreme Court may hear an Indiana case on exactly who should have access to Great Lakes beaches. The case, BOBBIE GUNDERSON, V. STATE OF lNDIANA, hopes to settle...

Flint Water Crisis 0

Volunteering the Flint Water Crisis – 5 Things I Learned

1000’s of individuals from all over the United States are converging into Flint Michigan to donate their time and skills to alleviate the disaster of lead contamination with the Flint water system. Here are a couple of things to know that may help you hit the ground running.

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