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History of the Thumb’s First Industry

The accidental find of the Marshal Sandstone formation in Michigan’s Upper Thumb in 1834 gave rise to one of the areas first industries. Grindstone City became famous for its production of huge grinding wheels until a disruptive technology change slid the industry into obsolescence.


Captain Aaron Peer Founded Grindstone City

Peer is of the earliest settlers of Huron County, and is second to none in its business history, having begun the development of one of the resources of the county in 1834.

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History of the Name Pointe Aux Barques

Pointe Aux Barques has a rich beginning as a top flight resort destination that still in demand today.


A Vanished Company Town – New River Michigan

A Vanished Town in Michigan’s Thumb  All signs of this once thriving town have been erased by time and nature. It was located about a mile from Huron City and eight miles from Port Austin. From initial land grants dated May 12, 1845, to J....

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