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Charity Island Featured Image 2

The History of the Mysterious and Remote Charity Island

This history of Charity Island spans 100’s of years. Today the island is a wildlife sanctuary and visited by few people each year.

Ora Labora Part Three 0

Ora Labora – A Lost Colony in Michigan’s North – Part Three

Part III of the Ora Labora story brings us to 1864. The rapid growth of the colony was costly and the society needs funds to grow. It was time for drastic measures. The raging war in the south was turning in the North’s favor and the colony was on borrowed time until the draft took effect.

Steamer Traveling Title 2

Great Lakes Ship Travel in 1800s

Steamship Traveling on Saginaw Bay Ad from the Detroit Free Press 1880 The Birth of “Going Up North” Prior to the railroads and automobiles.

The Great Sauk Trail Logo 1

The Great Sauk Trail

The Great Sauk Trail is a major Native American route that ran between Detroit, Chicago and terminated at Rock Island on the Mississippi river. Originally created by migrating bison, the trail was only about a foot wide but also a foot deep as eons of travelers walked along it single file. It was used over a thousand years.

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