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Capac Railway Depot Cover 0

Capac Museum and Railroad Depot

The Capac Railroad Depot is a bit off the beaten path. Situated east of Imlay City, it maintains the vibrant small town rural charm found in Michigan. The town is located between Port Huron and Flint. The historic railroad depot is also home to one of the finest small town museums in the region.

The End of the Line _ Depot @ Port Hope 0

1903 Railway Depot in Port Hope Michigan

Today the Port Hope Depot has been exquisitely restored. You can see exhibits in the passenger waiting room, the station masters office,  luggage and freight room.  Each room has been painted to match the original color.

Rails in the Bay - Building Railroad in Michigan's Thumb 0

The Railroad at the Bottom of the Bay

A ship runs aground in Saginaw Bay only a few miles from its destination in Caseville. Leaving us a tale on the rails.

Polly Ann Railway Title Page 2

Pontiac, Oxford and Northern Railroad and the Legend of The Polly Ann

The Michigan Legend – The Polly Ann Local folklore states that the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern Railroad (P.O. & N) ran from September 1889 until the last service run of the full length of the line on February 9, 1984. Nicknamed the “Polly Ann”, or...

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