Plans Underway for Cabins from Ora Labora Colony to be Restored

Emil Baur Cabin

The Pigeon Historical Society to relocate and restore two cabins that were originally located in the 1800s German religious colony called Ora Labora.


Ora Labora Michigan – A Little Colony in the Wilderness- Part One

Part One- Ora Labora Story

Ora Labora known as “Christian German Agricultural and Benevolent Society of Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work), where it’s parishioners could combine work with prayer, and live according to the Methodist Church Discipline. Founded in 1862 on Michigan’s Wild Fowl Bay, the colony disappeared in 1867

White Rock: The Sacred Cornerstone of Michigan’s Thumb

White Rock Cover

Indigenous Peoples of Michigan, the Anishinabeg, views the White Rock on the edge of the Lake Huron shore as a sacred site. The rock was much, much larger than it appears today. (Which in 2019 is mostly underwater). The Indian ensured that fresh game and food items were placed on the site as an offering. … Read more White Rock: The Sacred Cornerstone of Michigan’s Thumb