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White Rock Cover 0

White Rock: The Sacred Cornerstone of Michigan’s Thumb

Indigenous Peoples of Michigan, the Anishinabeg, views the White Rock on the edge of the Lake Huron shore as a sacred site. The rock was much, much larger than it appears today. (Which in...

Jewish Colony in Michigan's Thumb 1

The Northern Michigan Jewish Colony of Palestine

The Northern Michigan Jewish Colony of Palestine located outside of Bad Axe began in the late 1883 and lasted for over 20 years.

Crawford's Saw Mill Caseville 1880's 2

Caseville History of Industry

The end of the lumber era forced entry into new industry in northern Michigan

M25 Michigan's First Scenic Highway 7

Michigan M-25 is States First Scenic Highway in 1940

In the months prior to World War II the major topic was the US’s stance on with our stated isolationist policy. Yet the war had not yet been declared and rationing was not even...

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