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Great Lakes Cruising 0

Take a Great Lakes Cruise This Summer

Cruising the Great Lakes has never been more elegant adventurous on the 105-stateroom ships of the Victory I & II

Great Lakes Beaches - From Pixabay CC0 2

Great Lakes Beaches Are Amazing

Minnesota – Singing Iona Beach on the North Shore of Lake Superior  One to the famous Great Lake Beaches can be found on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Pink Rhyolite rock creates a beach about 300 yards long and seen from the Highway. The...

Microplastic Pollution 5

Have we Turned the Great Lakes into a Microplastic Soup?

The next time you brush your teeth or wash your face you may be contributing to adding plastic into the Great Lakes.


Great Lakes Cruising Summer 2015

The Great Lakes Cruise Company announced that starting summer of 2015 that the 105-stateroom ship M.S. Saint Laurent will begin a full itinerary of sailing adventures along the highlighted larger ports of the Great Lakes.

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