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Thumbwind’s 2011 Wind Farm Forecast Proved True

Back when Thumbwind has launched about six years ago we undertook the the the 2011-2012 Thumb Wind Survey. It was one of the most viewed articles we posted in the early days. We predicted a total of 466 turbines in the thumb by 2017. As of March 2017, the Huron...

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Wind Energy Development Transforms Michigan’s Thumb

In only a few short years, Huron County Michigan went from a sleepy rural county internationally known for its navy beans and sugar beets to the premier wind energy and animal product producer in Michigan.

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“What Have I Done” – Wind Farm Regret

“What Have I Done” A re-post from 2012 in which a Wisconsin farmer notes ” By signing that contract, I signed away the control of the family farm,
and it’s the biggest regret I have ever experienced and will ever experience.”

Wind Farm Income for Landowners as Huron Co. nears 400 Wind Turbines 0

Wind Farm Income for Landowners as Huron Co. nears 400 Wind Turbines

From 2015 – With the self-imposed wind moratorium all but finished in Huron County Michigan several wind projects are slated to start up in the Upper Thumb this fall. Renewable Energy Systems Americas will begin construction on 47 wind turbines in Dwight, Bloomfield and Lincoln townships, while Huron Township will...

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