Volunteering the Flint Water Crisis – 5 Things I Learned

Flint Water Crisis

1000’s of individuals from all over the United States are converging into Flint Michigan to donate their time and skills to alleviate the disaster of lead contamination with the Flint water system. Here are a couple of things to know that may help you hit the ground running.


Lessons from Lead in Flint Water Crisis

Great Lakes Water

As far back at 2015 ThumbWind started ringing the warning bell as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Financial Manager Darnell Earley authorizes the utilization of the Flint River as a point water source for the city. Needless-to-say the rest is history. The Flint Water Crisis resulted in 1000’s of people becoming poisoned with lead and $100’s of millions spend to remediate the debacle.  I was recently approached by some folks in Ireland from the Water Filter Men who provided this awesome infographic to update us on this modern crisis. 

Infographic Flint Water Crisis

Infographic provided by The Water Filter Men (https://www.thewaterfiltermen.ie/) is an online stockist of water filtration products based in the town of Dundalk in Ireland. It is known as a well-respected stockist of products such as reverse osmosis water filter systems, UV sterilizer systems, and water softeners, while the company is committed to promoting the provision of clean water for all homes and businesses. Its owners are renowned for their encyclopedic knowledge of water treatment and ethical standpoint on environmentally friendly filtration practices.

As of 2019, the Flint Water Crisis is still a topic in the news.

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Flint Michigan Water Crisis History Timeline

Great Lakes Water

As a result of the corrosive nature of the Flint River water and mismanagement by all of the appointed emergency managers, the Flint city government and by Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality an unknown number of children in Flint, Michigan (estimates are in the 1000’s), were exposed to dangerous amounts of lead in their drinking water over a period of 18 months.

TIME – Flint’s Water Crisis Went Global

The World Learned Flint’s Water Crisis The ongoing saga of the failure of Michigan’s state and local government’s response and handling of Flint Michigan’s water crisis turned into a  global story in the media. Most noteworthy was that in  January 2016  TIME magazine published an expose on the Flint Water Crisis; The Poisoning Of An … Read more TIME – Flint’s Water Crisis Went Global