30 Michigan Webcams Covering the Thumb & Lake Huron Shoreline You Can View Right Now

Caseville Pier

These live Michigan webcams are strategically located in various spots along the St. Clair River, Lake Huron shore, and Saginaw Bay within the Michigan Thumb region.  It is a great place to check out the weather view passing ships and freighters and note lake conditions from the comfort of your home or office. Click on the preview image or webcam title to see the live view. If you have a webcam to add, contact us.

Last Updated: April 3, 2024

#1 Caseville Breakwall Webcam

Caseville Harbor Webcam

The Caseville Breakwall webcam provides a single view of the Caseville break wall. With the Caseville Webcam, you can check weather and lake conditions and see fishermen catching a few fish. Facing northeast, you can make out Charity Island in the distance. The camera was updated in the Fall of 2020.

About Caseville Harbor

Caseville Harbor is located at the mouth of the Pigeon River on the east shore of Saginaw Bay. The harbor is about 17 miles southwest of Port Austin, Michigan. The harbor is ideal for shallow draft recreational watercraft. The harbor is protected with approximately 1,800 feet of pier and over 4,000 feet of maintained channel. The harbor and channel depth range between 8 and 10 feet. Caseville is a crucial Harbor of Refuge and supports charter fishing and recreational watercraft. The entire harbor has a combined 500 recreational boat slips. Caseville has established a significant interest in serving boaters and visitors to the area.

It’s one of the few break walls anywhere that encourages visitors to walk out and take a look at Saginaw Bay up close. You can fish, walk, and catch a cool breeze on this 1/4-mile sprig of concrete and stone out into Saginaw Bay. Watch the boats come in and out in the early morning and late afternoon. However, if it’s stormy, be prepared to get wet.

In 2018, Caseville updated the break wall area with a new seawall, kayak launching dock, and fishing boardwalk.

#2 Sandpoint Webcam

The Sandpoint Webcam provides a  single view of Lake Huron on Sand Point. It’s a great spot to check on the local lake conditions of Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron.

Sand Point Weather
Sandpoint Webcam – Refresh Your Browser to Update Image

It is also a Weather Underground station for local weather updates. Download the Weather Underground App on your Smartphone for forecasts and updates.

#3 Sebewaing SkyCam

This webcam is perched high above Sebewaing Harbor. Since it faces west, it’s also a great spot to view incoming storms from the prevailing west winds. You can also catch an incredible sunset too.

Sebewaing Webcam 2021
Sebewaing Webcam 2022 – Click Image to Open

The Sebewaing Water Tower Skycam provides a static view of Sebewaing and Saginaw Bay. It’s perfect for a grand overview of the weather heading west over the bay to the Upper Thumb.

#4 Harbor Beach WebCam

This webcam is located directly between Harbor Beach’s harbor and marina. Facing east, it’s a great cam to catch a sunrise.

Harbor Beach Harbor Webcam
Harbor Beach Harbor Webcam

The Harbor Beach Harbor webcam can control where the camera faces and offers preset views of the largest human-made harbor in North America. (Now, if only they would clean it off from time to time)

About Harbor Beach Harbor

The area around Sand Beach in 1872 was pretty remote, even for the pioneering standards of the time. It had no merchants and no manufacturing except a few shingle makers. In 1873, the area became one of the most ambitious harbor projects on the Great Lakes. This project was known as the “Harbor of Refuge at Sand Beach.” When it was completed, the town sprung up with a railroad station, post office, and the largest man-made harbor on the Great Lakes.

#5 Port Austin WebCam

Port Austin Webcam – Michigan Webcams

The Port Austin Webcam covers the state harbor and can see upper Saginaw Bay lake conditions and weather. This webcam offers views of the tip of Michigan’s Upper Thumb.

About Port Austin Harbor

The Port Austin webcam shows the entire harbor. This harbor is a recreational destination for shallow draft watercraft and sailboats traversing Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay. Two break walls are guarding the harbor, totaling approximately 3,400 feet in length. The harbor provides an ideal spot for kayakers to put into day trips to Turnip Rock and the iconic Broken Rocks. There are also charter boat services for fishing and mid-week tours during the summer season to Port Austin Lighthouse.

#6 Unionville – Thomas Marina Webcam

Thomas Marina Unionville Webcam
Thomas Maria Near Unionville – Click on Image to See Webcam

Near Unionville, Michigan, the Thomas Marina webcam provides a marina view on the Thumb’s western shore. This webcam offers great views of the ice conditions in protected marinas along Saginaw Bay.

#7 Port Sanilac Lighthouse Webcam

You can see a live webcam of the Port Sanilac Michigan harbor and the lighthouse. Using the viewer controls, pan right to see the lighthouse in operation at night.

Port Sanilac Webcam - Michigan Webcams
Port Sanilac Harbor Webcam

Port Sanilac is a charming historical town located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. So if you’re looking for fun things to do in Michigan, consider exploring with our day trip guide for the M-25 ribbon around the Thumb. It’s a great way to spend a full day or get away for a weekend.

#8 Tawas Bay WeatherCam

This privately owned camera overlooks the harbor and state docks in Michigan’s Tawas Bay. It’s an excellent webcam to see weather events on outer Saginaw Bay. It’s also situated to capture some incredible sunrises.

Tawas City: Tawas Bay

The Tawas Bay Weathercam is part of a Tawas weather station and contributes data to the Weather Underground and other services.

#9 East Tawas Harbor Webcam

The second camera covers East Tawas. Tawas Bay is across Saginaw Bay from Michigan’s Thumb. It’s a major recreational harbor on Lake Huron and a tourist destination.

Tawas Harbor Webcam - Michigan Webcams
Tawas Harbor Webcam

About Tawas Bay

The major attraction is it is home to one of the prettiest lighthouses in Michigan. The Tawas Point Lighthouse was in operation during the lumber boom in 1876 and ran continuously until 2016. The lighthouse and tower sit on a sandy point of land that is said to be always changing.

#10 Pigeon Michigan Weathercam

Located east of Bay Port is the village of Pigeon. The Laker Elementary School webcam is not on the shoreline; it gives views of the interior of Michigan’s Thumb. It’s a great camera to see lake effect snow squalls that blanket this area in the winter.

Pigeon Michigan Webcam - Michigan Webcams
Pigeon Michigan Webcam

Overlooking the ballfields at Pigeon Michigan. From time to time, this camera will catch players on the Rotary Club’s disc golf course which is also located at the park.

About Pigeon Michigan

The village of Pigeon was founded due to agricultural growth in the area and railway building from the late 1800s. In 1882, the Pontiac, Oxford, and Port Austin Railroad were built from Caseville to Pontiac. The tracks ran through the small town of Berne. Nearby, Pigeon sprang up as the Saginaw, Tuscola, Huron Railroad established a crossing south of Berne in 1886. Some railway maps list the two as separate stops.

#11 The Famous Streaming Shipcam in Port Huron

This live stream camera is positioned on the St. Clair River near the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, Michigan. This is one of the top spots to watch ship traffic on the Great Lakes. Port Huron, Michigan, is located near the mouth of Lake Huron on the St. Clair River. The river is around 40 miles long and travels between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. Port Huron is approximately 60 miles northeast of Detroit.

Port Huron, Michigan USA | StreamTime LIVE

You could observe dozens of boats on any given day, including freighters, tankers, tugs, barges, salties, passenger ships, international visitors, and other vessels.

The shipping season on the Great Lakes typically lasts from late March to early January. The harshness of the winter, on the other hand, will influence when the shipping routes open and close. Winter is also a great time to see an icebreaker in action!

#12 Live Ship Cam Marine City, Michigan

Marine City, Michigan is located on the St. Clair River, which runs for roughly 40 miles between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. It’s located 53 miles northeast of Detroit.

Marine City, Michigan, USA | StreamTime Live

Marine City is at the extreme base of Michigan’s Thumb on the St. Clair river. Its magnificent views of the river make it one of the best places to view freighter and ship traffic on the Great Lakes.

#13 Harrisville Harbor Webcam

This upper Michigan webcam shows static views of Harrisville Harbor. This camera is located on the western Huron Shore, midway between the Straits of Mackinac and the Blue Water Bridge, an ideal sailing destination.

Harrisville Harbor camera screenshot
Harrisville Harbor – Click to open

The harbor provides a full-service port of refuge with enough water depths to support deep-draft boats up to 125′ LOA. The surrounding village of Harrisville has a supermarket and hardware store, restaurants, and all the necessities for the Great Lakes sailor and boater

#14 Sarnia – The Canadian View of Lower Lake Huron

The Sarnia Yacht Club is the location of this webcam. Sarnia Yacht Club is located near the mouth of the St. Clair River at the southern end of Lake Huron. The Clubhouse, with its view of the lake and the river traffic, is a popular location for social gatherings.


#15 Bay City Yacht Club Webcam

The Bay City Yacht Club Webcam provides live feeds of the marina and its surroundings. Users can view real-time weather conditions, boat movements, and stunning sunsets over the water. The webcam is an invaluable tool for both club members and visitors, offering insights into the club’s activities and the state of the bay. It also serves as a safety measure, allowing for constant area monitoring. No source is needed as this is a general description.

Bay City

#16 Alpena Webcam – On the Alpena Harbor Light

Alpena National Marine Sanctuary & Underwater Preserve Thunder Bay WebCam – The camera is facing south and has a pan-tilt-zoom capability of 180 degrees. The camera is now configured to four views: the LaFarge channel, Thunder Bay, the south Alpena channel break wall, and the Alpena light’s base.

Alpena: DPI

#17 Alpena Township – Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse

Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse is a significant historical landmark on Lake Huron. The lighthouse, established in 1831, is the oldest operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes, having guided countless vessels through the Thunder Bay area of Lake Huron. The lighthouse stands on Thunder Bay Island, a small island off the coast of Alpena Township. Despite its remote location, this beacon of maritime history draws many visitors annually who appreciate its distinctive architecture, historical significance, and scenic surroundings. The lighthouse was automated in 1983.

Alpena Township › North-East

#18 Rogers City Webcam – Presque Isle County

The webcam is located above the fish-cleaning station at Lakeside Park. Located at the Rogers City Yacht Harbor, the camera faces east toward Lake Huron.

Presque Isle County

#19 Cheboygan Webcam – Benton Township

The webcam is at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary on the shore of northern Lake Huron

Benton Township › East

#20 Mackinaw City Webcam – Mackinac Bridge

This webcam faces the Mackinaw Bridge and views the bridge traffic and the Straits of Mackinac.

Emmet County › North: Mackinac Bridge

#21 St. Mary’s River Ferry Webcam – De Tour Village

The St. Mary’s River Ferry Webcam provides a real-time view of the ferry operations in De Tour Village, Michigan. The camera allows viewers to see the ferry’s loading and unloading process. The webcam also offers a glimpse of the scenic St. Mary’s River. It is a valuable tool for locals and travelers to check the ferry’s status. Click on the image below to see vehicles waiting for the Ferry service to De Tour across the St Mary’s River in Drummond Township.

Click on the image to see the live cam page.

#22 Saginaw River Webcam – Essexville

Saginaw River Webcam – Click to open

The live video is from the Saginaw RiverCam, a Saginaw Bay Watershed Council project. It captures a view of the river from the Saginaw Bay Bridge and updates it every few seconds. The Saginaw River is a big Michigan river and the longest in the state. It is about 190 miles long and runs from Saginaw Bay to Lake Huron. The river is important for transportation, recreation, and water supply.

The Saginaw RiverCam was established in 2012 to allow people to see the river in real-time. It has become a popular resource for those interested in the Saginaw River. Scientists and researchers also use it to study the river. The Saginaw RiverCam is a fantastic way to observe the Saginaw River and learn more about this significant waterway. The stream is free to watch and available 24/7.

To view the streaming video, you must view the Saginaw River Webcam on YouTube.

#23 Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada

Lambton Shores is a municipality in Ontario, Canada, and is part of Lambton County. Noted for its vibrant natural beauty, Lambton Shores is nestled along the southeastern shores of Lake Huron. The area is rich in lush landscapes, featuring numerous parks, trails, and beaches, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It’s the perfect destination for recreational activities like swimming, boating, fishing, and hiking. Lambton Shores is also known for its charming small-town atmosphere, complete with friendly locals and a range of amenities such as restaurants, shops, and community events. It’s a wonderful blend of natural beauty and local culture, making it a must-visit destination in Ontario.

Lambton Shores: Highway 21 at Lakeshore Rd 7

#24 Grand Bend Light – Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

The Grand Bend Light, located in Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada, is an iconic landmark with significant historical value. Overlooking the stunning huge breach of Grand Bend, the light stands tall, guiding mariners with its bright light. It symbolizes Grand Bend’s small, vibrant beach town and plays a vital role in the area’s nautical history. With its distinctive green top, the light is a beacon for ships and a popular attraction for tourists and locals. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding landscape, making it a must-visit spot in Ontario.

Lambton Shores › North-West

#26 Kincardine – Inverhuron Provincial Park

Inverhuron Provincial Park, located near Kincardine in Ontario, Canada, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers lush forests, sand beaches, and clear waters. The park is renowned for its campgrounds and hiking trails. Visitors can also enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, and bird watching. Its rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes make it a must-visit destination in Kincardine.

Kincardine: Inverhuron Bay

#27 Southampton Range Light – Southampton Ontario – Saugeen River

The Southampton Range Light, located in Southampton, Ontario, guides vessels along the Saugeen River. Built in 1903, it remains an active navigational aid. The light marks the river’s entrance, providing safe passage for boats. This historic, octagonal, wooden tower stands 10 meters tall. The Canadian Coast Guard maintains the Southampton Range Light.

Saugeen Shores › North-West: Southampton Range Light (Lighthouse) – Southampton – Saugeen River – Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa

#28 Mackinac Island Harbor

Mackinac Island Harbor is a popular destination for tourists and boaters. Its clear blue waters and picturesque shoreline attract thousands of visitors annually. The harbor offers various services, including docking, fueling, and repair facilities. Visitors also enjoy exploring the island’s historic sites, shops, and restaurants. Its stunning sunsets and peaceful ambiance make it an ideal location for relaxation and recreation.

Mackinac Island

#29 St. Ignace Webcam – Mackinac Bridge

The St. Ignace Webcam offers a stunning live view, looking south towards the majestic Mackinac Bridge. This webcam allows one to monitor weather conditions and observe the bridge’s daily activities. It also serves as a window to the vibrant life in St. Ignace.

Mackinac Island › South-West: Mackinac Bridge Authority

#30 Mackinaw City Webcam at Shepler’s Ferry Docks

The Mackinaw City Webcam at Shepler’s Ferry Docks provides real-time views of the bustling waterfront area. It captures regular departures of the Shepler’s Ferry, a popular transportation choice for visitors heading to Mackinac Island. The webcam also offers a glimpse of the iconic Mackinac Bridge in the distance. Besides serving as a practical tool for checking weather conditions, it allows virtual visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty of the location.

Mackinaw City

About Michigan’s Thumb

Michigan Thumb Webcams
Lake Huron and Michigan’s Thumb From Space – NASA

The Thumb is a region and a peninsula of Michigan, so named because the Lower Peninsula is shaped like a mitten. The Thumb area extends out into Lake Huron but enjoys miles of sandy beach coastline on Saginaw Bay. It’s considered the “closer up north” as it’s about a two-hour drive from Metro Detroit. The term “Upper Thumb” denotes Huron County at its tip. The Upper Thumb is a boaters paradise with sailing, fishing, and kayaking throughout the summer season. Using webcams, such as the Caseville webcam or the Port Austin webcam, is a great way to check out the weather and lack conditions.

If you’re interested in knowing more about some of these locations, we have some excellent overviews and highlights. Check out Six Fascinating Places to See in Harbor Beach. The largest freshwater harbor in the United States.

A series of Bart Art projects is at the tip of the Thumb near Port Austin. You really must see the Home of Emergency Ark where an 1800s barn has been transformed into an ark on the land.

The Thumb region has its share of history. During the lumbering era, shipbuilding took place up and down Saginaw Bay. One of the biggest was Sebewaing Harbor. Our post on Sebewaing History – A Busy Harbor takes you back to when sailing ships dominated the Great Lakes.

Lastly, we tell the story of one Upper Thumb town that refused to die. Huron City was burned down to the ground twice! Once in 1871 and again in 1881. It was rebuilt both times. It has an exciting story, and many buildings can be visited today in this living museum. See The Faded Glory of Huron City

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