Ontario Proposed Radioactive Nuclear Waste to be Buried next to Lake Huron, near Thumb

Ontario Nuclear Dump

From 2013 – Could radioactive material slated to be buried near the quaint town of Kincardine Ontario affect Michigan’s Thumb for the next 100,000 years? Canada’s Ontario Power Generation, is looking to find a place to bury 200,000 cubic metres of so-called low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste from the province’s atomic electricity plants. Ontario Power plans to invest over $1 billion developing the waste dump roughly 440 feet below the Lake Huron basin. When complete it could store radioactive mops to spent rods and parts.

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3 Responses

  1. HuronBlueJay says:

    Holy crap! Seriously, I was just online looking for bulk delivery drinking water suppliers, in case the fracking frenzy comes into play here in the Thumb. (Like wind turbine leases, fracking leases are another way for a few landowners to make big bucks.) Now this?! Checking next online for hazmat gear for adults & pets…

  2. L Colletta says:

    With vast prairies and I’m sure uninhabitable area’a of Canada why next to a Great Lake?

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