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Environment News feature stories and posts dealing with environmental concerns of the Great Lakes, Michigan and Upper Thumb region. This included Water Quality and Pollution in the upper Great Lakes.

Check our environmental news posts from those highlighted below.


Canada Plans Ontario Nuclear Waste Dump

Ontario Canada is one of the most nuclearized regions on the planet. Canada’s regulators are well underway to store Ontario nuclear waste near Lake Huron.


Michigan Climate Change Measurable in Huron County

Analysis of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration temperature data by the Washington Post shows major areas of the United States near or have already crossed the 2-degree Celsius mark

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High Temps Could Mean a Power Blackout – A Checklist

Climate Change sets the potential of record setting heat which stresses the grid to Power blackout.

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Volunteering the Flint Water Crisis – 5 Things I Learned

1000’s of individuals from all over the United States are converging into Flint Michigan to donate their time and skills to alleviate the disaster of lead contamination with the Flint water system. Here are a couple of things to know that may help you hit the ground running.

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