Detroit’s Bill Kennedy and the Supremes

Kennedy was an actor, voice artist, and host of Detroit television show, Bill Kennedy at the Movies.

Bill Kennedy and the Supremes
Bill Kennedy and the Supremes 1964

Bill Kennedy Was Detroit’s

On his afternoon TV show, he showed old movies, and provided stories about the actors and the production of the movies. These came in large part from his own Hollywood experience. He had a deadpan, sardonic style somewhat similar to that of Ed Sullivan. He expressed his opinion of the movies, making comments such as “We have a moderately good picture for you today”. He took on-air calls from viewers, which was a highlight of his daily shows. When Kennedy showed a film in which he had a part, he would talk at every break about the role, in great detail and with a bit of good humor.

In 1969 when Detroit’s Kennedy began his broadcast with WKBD, Channel 50 in Southfield and he continued to host Bill Kennedy at the Movies  until his retirement in 1983. He died January 27, 1997 in Palm Beach, Florida.

Source is the Detroit Historical Society

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