Port Austin Farmers Market Opens with Few Vendors, Sparse Crowds

Port Austin Farmers Market

The opening of the summer season at the tip of the Thumb is usually Memorial Day weekend. However visitors to this near-north Michigan town look to be down. It could change the landscape of Michigan’s tourism industry this summer.


The Wreck of the Iron Chief

The picture post on our sister site about the huge dock in Forrestville gives rise to the question. Why did they name the boathouse the Iron Chief? A little exploring showed that there indeed was a ship with this unusual name but she was not made out of iron. Today, she lays in over a hundred feet of water off the shore of the Grindstone City in the Thumb Area Bottomland Preserve

Prepping Your Boat For The Sailing Season On Lake Huron

There is nothing more exciting for Great Lakes sailors than looking forward to endless summer days spent on the magnificent waters of Lake Huron or any of the other marvelous lakes. For generations, Michiganders have enjoyed the rugged shores and clear waters of northern Michigan and the upper lakes. Each year as the spring approaches, … Read more Prepping Your Boat For The Sailing Season On Lake Huron