Chasing Jimmy

Premier of Film “Chasing Jimmy” Plays in Caseville.

A sold out crowd at the Bay Theater got their first glimpse of the locally produced movie “Chasing Jimmy”. The documentary film was written produced and directed by Bob Brown a resident of Sand Point and executive producer and managing partner at Charity Island Pictures, LLC. This film chronicles the writer’s effort to invite tropical folk singer Jimmy Buffet to make an appearance at the annual Cheeseburger in Paradise festival held in Caseville in August.

Jimmy Buffett performs during the Summerzcool ...
Jimmy Buffett performs during the Summerzcool Tour in June 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One scene has Brown ringing the doorbell at Buffett’s home in Florida. Another scene shows Brown locating Buffett’s boat at a marina.

Brown said in the making of this movie, he was inspired by other documentaries in which the movie maker is on a mission to find someone, like the 1989 Michael Moore film “Roger and Me.”

The Chasing Jimmy movie premier is getting attention throughout the United States at Buffett Fan Club and Florida Keys sites. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to the effort to bring Jimmy Buffet to Caseville. The DVD is expected to go on sale in August.

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