Chill Out at Caseville Shanty Days 2019

shanty days 2019

Caseville Shanty 2019 is the 27th edition of this Winter Festival. This offers mid-winter fun on the ice. It’s the largest winter carnival in the Upper Thumb.

Fort Gratiot Mi Lighthouse – Guarding Southern Lake Huron Since 1829


Fort Gratiot light was built in April 1829. It was situated north of an older tower light that has collapsed into the St. Clair river after a violent storm. The tower was constructed of brick to the height of 65 feet. In 1862 the height was increased to 82 feet to match the focal point of  a new 4th order Fresnel lens.

Top 6 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter


Get your car ready for winter with these five simple tasks. This will ensure you have a trouble free winter driving experience near the Great Lakes.

More Options for the Best Great Lakes Cruises in Summer 2020

Great Lakes Cruising

Cruising the Great Lakes has never been more elegant adventurous on the 105-stateroom ships of the Victory I & II

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