Water from Thin Air

When Ford Motor’s Doug Martin read about a billboard in Lima, Peru, that turned humidity into drinking water for the local population, an innovative idea struck: What if cars could take water from thin air and be a source of water? Condensation from vehicle air conditioners, which usually just drips to the pavement below, could … Read more

General Motors Renewable Energy – Aggressive Target of 100 % By 2050

General Motors Logo

General Motors renewable energy plans will generate or source all electrical power for its 350 operations in 59 countries with 100 percent renewable energy — such as wind, sun, and landfill gas — by 2050. General Motors is working to fight climate change and reduce its environmental impact. As a result, GM is working to … Read more

6 Lies and Half-Truths about Great Lakes Water Use

Saginaw Bay Beach

Recently the blogosphere and news sites have been bristling that Barack Obama somehow has just now starting to allow water from Great Lakes region to be pumped and sold to China. What’s worse is that none of these blog authors are checking the facts. Their lazy practice is to re-blog someone else’s post.

Canada Feds “OK” Proposed Nuclear Waste Site near Lake Huron

Ontario Power proposes to bury 200,000 cubic meters of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste from its nuclear power plants in a thick layer of limestone 680 meters below ground, about a kilometer from Lake Huron.

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