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Great Lakes water levels is a constant concern as the depth of the lakes affect shipping, beaches, and access to harbors and marinas. Ice coverage on the lakes also affects the weather and evaporation.

Here are some posts covering Great Lakes water levels.

Great Lakes Compact Title 0

Lame Duck Republican Governors Attempt Make It Easier to Steal Great Lakes Water

Proposed rules changes to the Great Lakes Compact will make it easier for petitioners to ask for a water diversion and alter some of the provisions in the current rules that outline the need for public comment.

Channel Buoy Aground at Caseville Harbor 0

Will El Niño Drop Great Lakes Water Levels?

A Warmer Winter Ahead? El Nino is expected to develop in the next two months and continue through winter.  The stronger the El Nino is, the higher the potential impact on Michigan’s winter. When the ocean temperature on surface waters climb above normal temperatures, an El Nino condition exists. The...

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