Where in the Heck is Kilmanagh?

Mike Hardy

Author of a fun loving and event blog covering topics of the Upper Thumb of Michigan , the wind energy capital of the Great Lakes. Offering great trove of information on Wind Energy, Cheeseburger in Caseville, Saginaw Bay, Sailing.

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  1. johnnagridge says:

    I just saw this article. Thanks so much for mentioning me and my paintings (which anyone can view at I’ve been in love with this building for almost 2 decades! I pass it on my way to my in-law’s cabin and always stop for a minute or so to admire it.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to do a plain air painting of it on the spot a few years ago. The owner and the neighbors were very friendly when they approached me and told me great stories. I was told the Henry Ford Museum might be interested in that awesome gas pump. I hope they get it before it gets vandalized any more. Why would anyone want to wreck it?

    As for the General Store in Bach, my wife and I did get to peruse inside there a couple years ago when it was open as an antique store. The owner said he wanted to close it and move to California. From the sounds of your article, it sounds like he made it.

    • ThumbWind says:

      I should get you acquainted with my friends at White Church Gallery in Grindstone City. I think Mike and Carrie would find your work an awesome edition. Local Thumb content is wanting here. Will you find your way back up here this summer?

  2. johnnagridge says:

    Definitely head up a few times every spring/summer. I love painting in the Thumb. And being married to a family of great ice-cream lovers, we always find our way to Grindstone!

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