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Ice Fishing – 10 Authentic YouTube Video Channels Not to Be Overlooked in 2023

A chill is in the air, and in a matter of weeks, ice will begin its annual coverage of inland lakes and the Great Lakes. We found these top ten YouTube channels covering ice fishing in the Great Lakes, Minnesota, the Dakotas, and the Northeastern United States. While we wait for safe ice conditions, we can review tips, the latest gear, ice fishing gloves, tents, and sleds and find new destinations to check out for ice fishing opportunities.

Tom Boley

Tom is a Minnesota fisherman with over 50,000 subscribers for the Tom Boley YouTube Channel. His video, “#1 Way To Catch More Fish Ice Fishing,” is the number one search result for ice fishing. In addition, he covers a strategy on how to be just as mobile on the ice with an ATV as you are with a boat.

#1 Way To Catch More Fish Ice Fishing

Carl and Alex

Sometimes the best tips for ice fishing come from fishers outside the Great Lakes. Carl and Alex are brothers from the UK. It launched its fishing channel in 2013, and it now has over 250,000 subscribers. They review the pike opportunities in Sweden.

Ice Fishing - Catching BIG fish through the ICE

Chris Bulaw

Chris Bulaw is a fisherman who can find the best spots from Canada to the Caribbean. With over 195,000 subscribers, a lot of folks like to tune into his videos. His video for ice fishing in Lake Erie is currently the #2 search result in the world.

Ice Fishing For Giant Lake Erie Walleye (2018)

Eric Haataja – Ice Fishing Wisconsin

Eric Haataja is a Wisconsin television show host of North American Fisherman and host of Big Fish 365. When he isn’t producing videos or hosting fishing shows, he is a full-time Wisconsin fishing guide and holds the IGFA World Record Brown Trout title. With over 49,000 subscribers, his YouTube channel has raked in over 54 million views.

Automatic Fisherman vs Jaw Jacker (ICE FISHING TIPS)
Tip-Up Comparison

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Great Lakes Fly & Outdoors

This YouTube channel is still growing, but his how-to video for catching trout through the ice is in the top three videos for ice fishing. In addition, Great Lakes Fly & Outdoors covers unique fishing techniques and methods that are outside the norm.

Ice fishing for Trout!! (How To video)
Ice Fishing for Trout

FishN More – Ice fishing in Minnesota

Murda is a Minnesota fisherwoman who really knows how to bring in fish for just any weather condition. Her FishN More Channel has over 49,000 subscribers and almost 6 million views. This video is one of the first I’ve seen for the 2020-2021 winter season. But, first, new ice is tricky, and she gives some tips on the trade.

First Ice Fishing Minnesota 2020 (DANGEROUS)
Minnesota First Ice of 2020 Fishing


This channel is one of the larger fishing channels with over 1.4 million subscribers and 348 million views. Huge. The 1Rod1ReelFishing videos feature fishing spots all over the United States but concentrate on the Northeast.

CRAZIEST Ice Fishing Day of my Life!!! (SIGHT-FISHING Through the Ice)
Site Ice Fishing for Trout

MinnDak Outdoors

As the name implies, this channel covers the upper Midwest. With over 15,000 inland lakes, Minnesota has some of the first iced-over lakes in the US. MinnDak Outdoors is among those fishing channels that are already posting content this winter for their 143,000 subscribers.

Ice Fishing EXTREMELY Early Thin Ice! (FIRST ICE 2020)
Early Ice Fishing in 2020

KJF Fishing

Kaiden Fletcher is from Saskatchewan, Canada. The KJF Fishing is an emerging channel with only about 1,400 subscribers but has some of the highest-ranked ice fishing videos around. He covers using the latest gear and offers some tips.

Ice Fishing For Pike And Walleye On Early Ice
Ice Fishing for Walleye on Early Ice


Our final channel has been around for the past five years and has over 30,000 subscribers. AnglingBuzz covers technique and gear directly tuned to the species you’re after. We found its video on going after whitefish through the ice one of the most informative videos we have found.

Ice Fishing Whitefish (The Complete Guide)
Ice Fishing for Whitefish

Your Homework On Fishing Videos

I’m sure we missed some great local content with thousands of ice fishing and related techniques and gear. If you have a suggestion for a video to add, let us know in the comments below, and we will consider adding it in a future update.

Watch These Top Fishing Videos on This YouTube Playlist

Playlist: Ice Fishing
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