Mystery of the Remains of An Michigan Indian Chief Found Near Bay Port In 1933

Chippewa Indian Chief

In the 1920s, there was a flurry of archaeological activity in Michigan to record and catalog Native American villages, garden beds, and burial mounds. As a result, the entire Saginaw Valley has 100s of identified sites. The identification, and looting, of Indian artifacts from burial mounds, was a common occurrence.

Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf Under New Owners In 2022

Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf Waterfall

Jim and Beth Selke of Clarkston, Michigan, consulted with and guided their 25-year-old Son, Justin Selke, into his first business venture.  If the first season is any indication, this storied business was entrusted into good hands. The Selke family takes pride in taking over the reins of Sandy Dunes Adventure Golf, an iconic local mini-golf and dairy bar near Port Austin, Michigan.

Pointe Aux Barques Resort Spotlighted in the Standard Guide to Mackinac Island & Northern Lake Resorts 1899

Point Aux Barques Clubhouse

Excerpt on the Pointe Aux Barques Resort taken from the Standard Guide to Mackinac Island and Northern Michigan Resorts 1899.

The Standard Guide; Mackinac Island and Northern Lake Resorts. It is a visitors handbook written in 1898 detailing early tourism to Mackinac Island. For 25 cents it gave the potential visitor a glimpse of what to expect at Michigan’s premier tourist destination. However, the ads and descriptions of the other northern Michigan resorts of the day are fascinating.