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Things to Do In Port Austin

If your looking for something new to do on your visit to Port Austin, we have some fantastic and unique ideas. Here are a few of the best.

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Experience a Drone Flyby of Turnip Rock

We are seeing some amazing sights by those who are working with drones. Overflights of small towns and points of interest are becoming common and the results are fascinating. Property lines and fences are overcome at 30 -50 feet in the air. Some drone flights cover miles. This drone flyby...

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History of the Thumb’s First Industry

The accidental find of the Marshal Sandstone formation in Michigan’s Upper Thumb in 1834 gave rise to one of the areas first industries. Grindstone City became famous for its production of huge grinding wheels until a disruptive technology change slid the industry into obsolescence.

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Port Austin Butterfly House and Gardens

The Butterfly Garden Project was due to an effort by the local community to utilize a seldom visited park in Port Austin and transform it into a visitor destination.

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