Pinnebog Wind Farm – Information & Reports

Wind Farm

The Pinnebog Wind Farm is located in Huron County, Michigan. It consists of thirty GE 1.7 MW turbines located producing a rated 50MW of power. The park is located on approximately 14,000 acres. The project was one of the larger ones in the Thumb. Over 23 miles of buried collection feeds, 34 road crossings including … Read more

Abandoned Farmhouses

Abandoned Farmhouse

We are sometimes drawn to an abandoned farmhouse or structure not because of it’s beauty, but because we think there is a story. We want to know what went wrong.

Harvest Wind I & II Farm Details and Reports

Wind Farm

The Harvest I & II Wind Project is owned by Exelon Generation. Phase I of this wind farm has been in operations since 2008. Phase II began operations in 2012. The renewable energy project was Michigan’s first commercial-scale wind farm. The Harvest Wind Farm is located over 3,200 acres in Huron County’s Oliver and Chandler … Read more