Wind Farm Secessionists

Mike Hardy

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  1. HuronBlueJay says:

    I started a reply, but this whole thing was so stacked against the voting majority, that I can’t even breathe right now. The pre- prepared motion by the treasurer to approve “negotiating” with Chandler to proceed with a wind turbine push … against the will of the voters …. which she struggled to read said it all. It was a done deal. VOTE be damned.

  2. ThumbWind says:

    The notes and comments I recieved after the meeting last night are those of bewiderment.

  3. Nativegrl77 says:

    So, the community hates wind turbines because …

  4. Interesting to note the ambivalence of wind turbines. Our travel across US also faced many who had mixed emotions. What is better… dependence on foreign oil?

  1. July 18, 2012

    […] Wind Secessionists Look to Carve Up Lake Township in Huron County Michigan ( […]

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