Caseville History in Pictures

  • postcard port austin
    Port Austin Postcard
  • Caseville-Postcard-1931
    Caseville 1931 Postcard
  • Caseville-Postcard-1954-LaBlance-General-Store
    Caseville 1950's
  • Caseville Postcard 1953
    Caseville Beach 1953
  • Caseville-Michigan-Blue-Water-Inn-Postcard-1952
  • Caseville-Pigeon-River-Postcard-1930
    Caseville Postcard
  • postcard 1964
    Caseville 1964
  • postcard 1948
    Caseville 1948
  • McGraw Roadside Park 1951
    McGraw Roadside Park 1951
  • postcard 1950
    Caseville 1950
  • postcard 1957
    Bella Vista Resort 1957
  • Michigan Thumb Scenery Caseville
    Caseville Postcard
  • Greetings from Caseville, MI

Pictures and Postcards do a great job of capturing a moment in time. We found these gems throughout the Internet and made the collection from the 1800’s thru the 1960s. They are fascinating glimpse of Caseville history in pictures. It’s also amazing on what has not really changed over the past 80 years. Many buildings and landmarks are still visible today.

Caseville History

Caseville’s history in pictures shows its transformation from an industrial village to a resord and tourist town. The Upper Thumb tourism industry got its start with the completion of M-25 around the Thumb in the 1930s. M-25 was Michigan’s first scenic highway.

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